Highest Quality CBD

Pure CBD ( cannabidiol ) is made from the industrial Hemp plant.  When it is purified down to a single compound it is known as an isolate.  Rxoid only uses 99.7% pure pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate. Rxoid’s isolate comes with a certificate of analysis (COA) demonstrating it has been analyzed by the producer and has passed their quality testing standards.  After receiving our supply of CBD from the certified producer and before manufacturing the MDI, Rxoid further requires a 3rd party independent laboratory confirm the accuracy of the original COA from our supplier. Our CBD is guaranteed to be free of any THC, mold or pesticides.

Most other manufacturers’ products contain full spectrum oil, not isolate. These products include edibles, pills, tinctures, and oils. They may be administered orally, topically, sublingual or vaped.  In  fact, extensive laboratory testing establishes it is impossible to formulated a MDI with full spectrum oil that will allow CBD to reach the deep part of the lung (alveoli) where CBD needs to be absorbed. As such, Rxoid does not use full spectrum oil. 

As a result of not using full spectrum oil, consumers don’t have to worry about the dangers or side effects of wax, tar, toxins, fillers, lipids, sugars, undesirable terpenes that may be harmful, coloring and/or other contaminants such as heavy metals and carcinogenic byproducts in Rxoid’s MDI.

​Our proprietary formulation process and certified equipment gives you confidence Rxoid’s MDI formulation will not separate, precipitate or congeal like full spectrum oil inhalers and the MDI will perform as intended.

With our cGMP compliant medical delivery device and aerosol processing equipment you can be confident that you will be getting only the purest CBD available, and nothing else!