Rxoid works fast!

When consumed correctly, the Rxoid MDI will deliver an exact metered dose of CBD into your lungs for immediate adsorption into your bloodstream. 

Pulmonary administration of CBD when properly formulated and placed into a correctly manufactured and sized MDI is the most effective route to deliver CBD to the bloodstream except for intravenous injection (I.V.). This administration places our CBD directly in the alveoli of the deep lung tissue. From there, CBD is taken straight to your brain. As such, Rxoid’s CBD isn’t adulterated or destroyed by your skin, your stomach acid or your liver which normally filter toxins and undesired chemicals from products humans consume. However, in bypassing your body’s safety mechanisms you need to be absolutely assured that you are consuming a pure safe product. Full spectrum oil or cheap isolate made on Chinese equipment just won’t give you this protection. See our FAQ’s about cGMP and our testing requirements. 

Rxoid MDI administration ensures CBD takes the fastest most efficient route to the location where you need it most.

The Rxoid MDI;

  • Is portable and fits in your pocket or purse
  • Is tamper proof
  • Provides a precise and accurate dose
  • Is inexpensive
  • Is easy to use
  • Requires no charging or batteries
  • Contains multiple doses
  • Requires no heat or fire
  • Is waterproof