Safe, Easy and Accurate Dosing

Inexpensive, non-certified aerosol equipment and supplies are available on the market today. In fact, much of this equipment is manufactured in China and poses a public health risk due to its very poor quality.

Rxoid believes public safety and efficacy of its product is far more valuable than corporate profits. This is why Rxoid chose to purchase equipment and supplies which are on file with the FDA and have been previously approved by the FDA for use in humans. In fact, all of Rxoid’s parts and equipment are manufactured according to cGMP standards (see our FAQ for why this is extremely important to your health and safety) using cGMP processing equipment. Rxoid’s metered dose inhaler (MDI) is engineered to safely and accurately deliver exactly 5 mg of pure CBD in every actuation (puff).

Metered dose inhalers have been safely and conveniently used for almost 70 years world-wide to treat pulmonary disease. When the MDI is properly formulated and correctly used all you have to do is inhale (actuate) and you get a 5 mg dose of CBD that is 98% bioavailable every actuation.

This means no more carrying edibles or pills. There is no need to endure horrible tasting oils or bad smelling topical applications. As Rxoid does not use full spectrum oil … there is no burn in the back of your throat typically experienced with other manufacturers products.

Rest assured, there are no carcinogen or toxic chemicals in your Rxoid MDI. Unlike Rxoid’s MDI, vaping oil to obtain CBD uses heat and and/or flames. This heating creates a chemical reaction that convert excipients (non-active ingredients) into dangerous potentially life threatening byproducts that could cause serious bodily injury or death. No modern medication in the world is consumed through the application of heat or fire due to the danger of carcinogenic conversion. 

By design the Rxoid MDI delivers your pure CBD by medical propellant that is considered safe and non-toxic by the FDA.

All you need is the small, portable and discreet Rxoid MDI and you have pure CBD and nothing else at your finger tips when you need it and in the amount you choose. Rxoid’s MDI takes the guess work out of using CBD.